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Welcome to the World of Sally's Diaries
"March 11th, 1875
Received my expected letter this morning. All my correspondence are rallying me upon my melancholy. Shut them up for five months in a box and see whether their spirits wouldn't fall below zero."
Haddam Connecticut School Teacher



"December 31st, 1929 


There’s nothing left for me of days that use to be. I live in memory within my diary.

Some written words of old, some writing not so bold, it’s worth its weight in gold, in my small diary.

Within its covers brown, various secrets written down and over them I frown to give me consolation.

And as I read it through, and glorify it too, I find the days are new, within my diary.” 



"December 31st, 1890


These days are sacred for are they not the last of the year. I find many blank pages as I look back through my diary and very little written of what I really think. So diary, after all, are you only a farce, for we do not care to write lest others read and the holiest thoughts are always most secret.....yet here I write and is not this, my most recent thought, alluding to that which is most deep in my heart." 




"I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train." 


                                Oscar Wilde

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