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The Chateau

Then & Now

     I use the term "lecture" lightly because when I have a speaking engagement it's really so much more than that. My interaction with my audience is what I cherish the most. I have a saying that I use quite often and that is, "Everyone has a story" and the moment I start sharing the amazing stories of those who have gone before us, it stirs up emotions and memories within one's own soul and that's when the real sharing begins. The stories I share from the diaries I bring are not just the stories of prominent figures from history, it's also the stories of the simple hardworking man or woman who have loved and lived life to its fullest, and like so many of us, have endured great trials and survived; becoming more than they ever thought they'd be. That is what I share. 

     A friend just said something to me a while back that really got me thinking. She said, "Sally, you are the keeper of secrets." It's been over 25 years now that I've had the privilege and honor of being the care taker of "other people's" diaries and one of my greatest passions is to share what I've learned. I do this by sharing my own past, by sharing some of the incredible and surreal moments I've had during the last 25 years of collecting, and last but not least, by bringing original diaries themselves. To hold in  your hand an original diary and to read the passages of days gone by, well it really brings the past alive in a way that only original diaries can do. 

     I speak at universities, libraries, museums, schools, private occasions and for almost any organization or event. Please feel free to contact me about any scheduling or fees. 

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